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I am Vasiliki Efraimoglou, a spiritual Greek yoga & meditation teacher and nature lover living in Lisbon, Portugal. I started my yoga journey by meditating and learning about the yoga philosophy before I began my asana practice, which is one of the reasons why I view asana more as a meditative practice than a fitness workout. Therefore, after completing my 200hr Hatha & Vinyasa Teacher Training, my teaching style incorporates several spiritual and traditional practices and elements, including breathwork/pranayama and guided coaching meditations/savasana.

However, since asana practice involves moving the body, I have also completed the First Aid - Emergency at Work Course and a Level 2 Fitness and Gym instructing Training Course to gain more knowledge on anatomy, physiology, fitness, health and safety.

To be able to coach and help more people in depth outside of a yoga class, I am currently undertaking the iPec Coaching Training Course to be an accredited certified coach. Alongside teaching online and in-person yoga classes, with experience in gyms and yoga studios, I have also co-founded and co-owned 2 yoga retreat businesses organizing, managing and teaching all-encompassing retreats.

Lastly, I am co-founding an upcoming startup in Greece focused on teaching grief yoga & coaching women who are going through IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) treatments or have had one or more miscarriages.

My passion and vision is to be able to help as many people as I can to find their true purpose and become the best version of themselves by practicing mindfulness.

Yoga & Wellness Retreats

21-23 April 2023
Self-Love/Anahata Chakra Retreat
02-07 September 2023
Deepen your Yoga Practice Retreat

Licences & Certificates

200Hr Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training - Aegialis School of Yoga Level 2 Gym Instructor
Course - Envisage Training
First Aid - Safety at Work Training




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